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Great resources developed by the Policy and Advocacy Unit of CEC

  • CEC’s Issues Page:  A great place to get information on current legislation, action alerts, additional resources, and/or data specific to various topics such as personnel preparation, early learning, and special education research.

  • CEC Issue Brief on High-Quality Early Learning Programs

  • Federal Outlook for Exceptional Children:  This important resource is published yearly and provides budgetary recommendations for funding programs for the United States' seven million children with disabilities and/or giftedness

  • CEC’s Public Policy Agenda for the 113th Congress (2013-2015)

  • CEC's Legislative Action Center: A service that allows you to send an e-mail directly to your member of Congress, find out the latest legislative happenings, or find members of the media in your local area. DEC encourages our members, parents, and those who work with young children with exceptionalities and their families in the United States to use the Legislative Action Center.  Yours is an important voice in our efforts to support policies and practices that promote positive outcomes for young children and their families


Information on the Federal Agencies, Committees, Laws, Register and Budget

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