Policy and Advocacy Committee

The Policy and Advocacy Committee provides strategic direction and proposed recommendations for DEC’s policy and advocacy efforts. The Policy and Advocacy Committee works collaboratively with the governmental relations consultant and the Children’s Action Network (CAN) coordinator. The Policy and Advocacy Committee ensures DEC has a seat at the table with important stakeholders and will provide CAN with the tools needed to engage in effective advocacy. The Policy and Advocacy Committee takes a proactive stance in the drafting of policy and legislative recommendations and issue briefs.

  • DEVELOP an annual evaluation plan including goals, objectives/benchmarks, and process/outcome indicators to guide the committee's work

  • REVIEW documents, define the issues, determine options, and identify questions to solicit input for policy recommendations and positions

  • CONSIDER and analyze input across stakeholder groups on policy topics

  • RESPOND to U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services requests for comment to prioritized annual policy goals

  • PROVIDE membership with resources and information on various issues and policies

  • WORK with the Children’s Action Network to support advocacy efforts that are aligned with the committee's annual goals and objectives